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Travis Griffin

Travis Griffin is a self-taught Web and Flash designer from Marietta, Ohio.

He has been a contestant and intern on The Price is Right, and is currently developing game show display software, as well as websites for Price is Right announcer Rich Fields, and The Ohio University Game Show Appreciation Society.

Welcome to Travis Griffin dot Net!

In the pages that follow you will see what one person teaching himself is capable of. Over the years, I have taken only four formal classes regarding the content: one each in Graphics, Web Design, Java, and C++. With that base knowledge, and a little bit of time, I've produced professional looking web sites, Flash programs, and realistic game show simulations.

Television Production

In August of 2006, I started a four-month stint as a Production Intern on The Price is Right, working directly under legendary M.C. Bob Barker and producer Roger Dobkowitz. I have also served as Associate producer for Idiotest and Emogenius on GSN.

Since then, I've been working on numerous shows through Television City Studios as a Game Electronics Technician.

Web Design

As previously stated, this website is my first foray into the world of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. In the days and weeks to come, I look to improve the look of all the websites I maintain:

To see samples of the work, click the "WEB" link.

Flash Programs

Since June of 2004, I have been learning all the ins and outs of Adobe Flash Professional CS3. Some of my programs are more ambitions than others, but I recently completed a fully-functional "Video Poker" game, as well as all of the Flash windows at

To view and use the Video Poker program, click on the "FLASH" link.

Game Show Simulations

My first project in Flash was to re-create "Contestants' Row" from The Price is Right for an Ohio University campus event. Since then, my skills have grown enough to re-create almost every Price is Right pricing game, as well as:

To view graphic samples of the games, click on the "GRAPHICS" link.

Board Game Design

In March of 2004, I sold my version of The Price is Right home game to Endless Games. Released as The Price is Right 2nd Edition, I started designing board games. Currently, I have a number in various stages of production, and I'm working on a possible Price is Right 40th Anniversary Edition.

To view what that game could look like, click on the "GAMES" link.